Clitoral Stimulator «Lucy» Pacifica Series

«Lucy» is a lay-on vibrator that will amaze even advanced toy lovers. Its technology and mode of action make it different from conventional vibrators. It's called a lay-on vibrator because that's exactly what you do with it: place it on your clitoris and enjoy the novel pleasure experience, crowned by particularly intense orgasms.

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How is the toy controlled?

  1. To switch on the vibrator, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.
  2. With short clicks on the wave button, you can click through the different stimulation modes.
  3. To switch off, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds.

Attention, the toy must be dry before charging.

If you still need a USB charger, we have one here for you.

The «Lucy» lay-on vibrator is battery-operated and can be recharged with the included USB cable. All you have to do is plug the included USB cable into one USB port and the other end into the charging socket on the toy. The small socket is located on the back of the vibrator and is marked “DC” – don't worry, the silicone slightly covers the socket, making it waterproof. Just carefully poke the plug in and plug it in.

The LED pulses during charging. As soon as the toy is fully charged, the LED lights up constantly. The charging time is between 90-120 minutes.

When fully charged and depending on the modes, the lay-on vibrator can be used for between 70-120 minutes.


Clean the toy carefully with a little water and mild soap before and after use. 
For disinfection, we recommend using a toy cleaner.
You can find our Toy-Cleaner here.


Stimulator «Lucy» should only be used with water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubricants may damage the material.

The sex toy is IPX6 waterproof. An IPX6 device is protected against dripping, splashing and splash water, but must not be used under water, e.g. in the bathtub.

The toy must not be used while it is charging.

You can find our lubricants here.


TYPE: Stimulator
MOTOR: Battery-powered, rechargeable (USB)
STIMULATION: 10 different modes
SIZE: Height 14.5 cm / width 5.2 cm
WEIGHT: 300 g
MATERIAL: Medical grade silicone
CHARGING TIME: 90-120 min.
DURATION OF USE: up to 120 min.

Auflegevibrator «Lucy» aus der Pacifica-SerieAuflegevibrator «Lucy» aus der Pacifica-SerieAuflegevibrator «Lucy» aus der Pacifica-SerieAuflegevibrator «Lucy» aus der Pacifica-SerieAuflegevibrator «Lucy» aus der Pacifica-Serie
Clitoral Stimulator «Lucy» Pacifica Series


  • From the Pacifica Series
  • Silky soft liquid silicone
  • Stimulation for the clitoris and nipples
  • Gentle vibration and suction
  • Ergonomic shape (lies well in the hand)
  • 10 exciting vibration modes on 5 vibration bars
  • Rechargeable (USB charging cable supplied)
  • Splashproof (IPX6)

How it works

Turn on the vibrator and place the stimulation head close to the clitoris with light pressure. Spread the labia slightly apart to expose the clitoris. Your clitoris will now be lightly sucked by the small opening on the toy and stimulated by pulsating pressure waves, from gentle to intense. Of course, you can also use «Lucy» to stimulate other exciting parts of your body.

The «Lucy» lay-on vibrator provides clitoral pleasure for many women with 10 different modes and 5 intensity levels. The vibrator is also waterproof and can be taken into the shower.

10 modes
USB rechargeable
Whisper quiet

USB charger

Charge your favorite toy directly from the socket with this compact USB power supply.

Never miss an adventure again because your toy is not charged!

The power supply unit is suitable for all myjoy toys with a USB charging cable. You can also use it to charge your smartphone, for example.

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