Enema Bulb Kit Anal Shower

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Enema Bulb Kit Anal Shower

The anal douche is perfect for cleaning the anus before anal intercourse, so you just feel safe in every moment.
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Before using the anal douche for the first time, clean it thoroughly with warm water.

It is recommended that anal cleansing be done no more than twice a week. This protects the intestinal flora.

It is advisable to perform anal cleansing on the toilet in a slightly forward bent position. This is a suitable angle for easy insertion.

If necessary, the anal douche can be used in the shower with the upper body bent forward, standing or kneeling. Anal cleansing can also be done lying flat on the back. A waterproof pad and a cushion that is pushed under the hips are essential.

  1. Squeeze the bellows (balloon) with one hand and hold it under running lukewarm water (34-36 degrees Celsius is ideal).
  2. Slowly fill the bellows with water by slowly opening your hand and allowing the water to be drawn in. If there is still air in the bellows, carefully squeeze it until some water comes out and hold it under the water again.
  3. Put some water-based lubricant on the tip of the anal douche and the anus.
  4. When the spitz is anally inserted, squeeze the bellows with a vasoconstrictor and the water is pumped into the rectum. Anal spasm should be started slowly and gently, paying close attention to the body's signals. Experience shows that a slow application of the anal douche is usually more pleasant.
  5. When the water from the bellows is completely in the rectum, you can carefully pull out the shower. It is important to keep the pressure on the balloon, otherwise the fluid will flow back into the bellows!
  6. The water should now remain in the intestine for a few minutes and then be excreted in the toilet, following the natural need.
  7. This process can now be repeated two to three times until the fluid has left the body clear and clean. This completes the anal cleansing.

The intestine is the largest immune organ of the human body. About 80% of all defence cells are located here. At the same time, the intestine is the largest organ that influences our physical and mental well-being. If the intestine is healthy, so is the person. The ancient Greeks already knew this. A healthy intestinal mucosa protects us from inflammations, which are the cause of almost all diseases. The intestinal flora not only filters all vital components out of the food, but it also houses 80% of the entire immune system. Therefore, it is especially important to keep the intestinal flora healthy.

Experience shows that excessive rinsing can damage the healthy intestinal flora. It is therefore not advisable to use the anal douche all the time. If used correctly, it should not be a problem for a healthy person to cleanse their anal area once or twice a week. 200 to 300 millilitres of water should not pose a serious health risk. And that is all that is pumped into the rectum during anal cleansing.

However, in case of doubt, a doctor should be consulted in any case, who can offer advice and help with expertise and experience. This applies in particular to symptoms such as nausea or dizziness. In such a case, the anal sphincter must be stopped immediately in order to avoid damage to the intestines and negative effects on the circulation.



Clean the anal douche carefully with a little water and mild soap before and after use. 
For disinfection, we recommend using a toy cleaner.
For disinfection we recommend the use of a toy cleaner.


TYPE: Anal shower
SIZE: Length Peak 7.2 cm / Ø Bellows 8.2 cm
WEIGHT: 110 g
MATERIAL: Premium medical PVC + ABS


Customer Reviews

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Sehr gut verarbeitet

Die Pumpball lässt sich beim Anfang ein wenig schwer zusammen drücken, aber es wird mit der Zeit besser.

Steffan K.
Einfach zu benutzen!

Leicht zu reinigen.


Best way to clean your posterior

Saubere Sache

Preis hat mich überzeugt. Bulb ist hochwertig.

Fairer Preis

Ist aus PVC mit guter Verarbeitung und macht was es soll :)


  • Elastic anal douche
  • For clean anal sex
  • Quick and easy cleaning

How it works

Anal sex can be an exciting and pleasurable experience for you. The anal douche cleans the rectum and ensures cleanliness and hygiene – now nothing stands in the way of the anal experience. Since the bowel does not have a natural lubricant film, the anal douche should only be used in combination with a water-based Lubricant.

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