• Summer. Sun. Sex.

    When the temperatures climb up, the clothes get shorter and tighter, the view deeper, the fabrics thinner. Even if you want to evade it, it doesn't work at all! So it can be watched. And our own physicality is also perceived more consciously - on the one hand through ourselves, on the other hand through the looks of others. Because the sun is a good old friend of the libido and together they are an unbeatable team on hot days and humid nights.

    Our young brand would like to give you exactly these summer feelings all year round.

    As a Swiss erotic online shop, we attach great importance to high-quality sex toys for singles and couples, which are selected by us, partly produced by ourselves, tested and only included in our shop if they are fully satisfied.
    Sex has long ceased to be a taboo subject and that is why we speak openly and transparently about topics such as self-love, female pleasure and sexual preferences.

    You can find everything about sex in our blog.

    All questions or comments that arise are treated 100% discreetly and transmitted via an encrypted system. We look forward to your feedback and to hearing about your sexual experiences with our modern and stylish sextoys.

    So, let your fantasies run wild and browse through our range - let's make the most beautiful thing in the world even more interesting and exciting.

    - Your myjoy crew