Tenga EGG Masturbator

Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy
Tenga EGG Masturbator - myjoy

Tenga EGG Masturbator

Create your own collection of Tenga EGGs.
This small, revolutionary masturbator from Japan, available with different inner shapes, will stimulate you to orgasm differently every time. Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm.
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Our Tenga EGGs at a glance

The meaning "Pocket Pussy" clearly fits this sex toy for men.


Cool Edition Wavy
Like the waves of the ocean hitting the shore, several layers of undulating ribs create a continuous ecstatic feeling. With the included menthol lubricant it will be wet fun!

Nubs of sizes large and small cover the interior wall for an all-out, omnidirectional stimulation of your shaft.

Randomly intertwined delicate ribs gently caress you as you stretch, twist and squeeze it along yourself.

Silky II
An intertwining web of sensations awaits inside this extra-thick EGG. The second generation of the original series EGG, SILKY.

The rumbling sensations of these crown-like details collide against your shaft for a tremulous exhilaration. The indented surfaces of the cratered nubs offer adherence from all angles, and their concave shape provides an optimal surface to entangle lubrication.

The thickest of the Tenga EGG Series creates stimulation wrapped in a thick cloud formation to drive you wild. This EGG has been designed to the maximum thickness, creating the highest elasticity in the series. Indestructible?

Packed to the brim with long, twisted strokers that brush along with every movement.

Opposing angles inside this EGG create different sensations when stroking up and down.

A sweet surprise for your partner? This EGG is intended for couples. It differs from the others by its elegant appearance and internal reliefs in the shape of a heart.


Instead of just caressing, let your imagination run wild and try to turn, push and pull to your heart's content – the stimulation will exceed your best dreams!





Designed in Japan for single use.

With careful use and a little more lubricant, your Tenga Egg should last another round or two.

We recommend using a water-based lubricant zu benutzen.


TYP: Tenga Egg Masturbator (Single pieces)

EGG Shell = PP
Sleeve = Elastomer (TPE)


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tobias L.

Hatte nicht gedacht, dass es sowas gibt. Gleich bestellt und getestet! Voller Erfolg.

Und ich weiss jetzt schon, was meine Kumpels zu Ostern von mir bekommen. 6er Pack LOL

Ein Ei :)

Ja, wirklich ein Ei LOL. Habe es meinen besten Kumpel zum Geburtstag gekauft. Hab einfach nichts dazu gesagt und ihn nach ein paar Tagen besucht. Er hat nur gelacht. Nun habe ich mir selber eines bestellt. ;)

Sandor C.
Wie geil ein Masturbator Ei :)

Noch nie davor gesehen und wirklich eine lustige Optik. War beim Kauf nicht ganz sicher, ob es auch funktioniert. Das Ei umschliesst die Eichel perfekt und ist durch das flexible Material auch nicht zu eng. Einfach rotierende Bewegungen und schwups schon ist man gekommen.

Cooles Teil werde noch eine andere Variante bestellen!

Merci Sandor für dein positives Feedback :)
Ja von den Tenga Masturbator Eggs gibts noch ganz viele Versionen, auch als 6er Pack, hier z.B. die Serie #1 https://myjoy.ch/collections/masturbatoren-ohne-vibration-fuer-maenner/products/tenga-egg-masturbators-serie-1-6-stuck
Super für unterwegs!
– myjoy

Key Features

  • The revolutionary masturbators from Japan
  • Make a selection yourself
  • Pocket Pussy on the go
  • Suitable for nearly all sizes
  • Small and flexible masturbators
  • Different stimulation patterns
  • 1-2 x reusable
  • Easy to clean

The ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm!

You, Sir: are you home alone? Or on a business trip?
Hey, we have something for you ;P

Get the Tenga EGGs, these are small masturbators that you can easily take with you anywhere. Use it once or twice and dispose it discreetly.

Thus: orgasm always and everywhere, even without a girl- or boyfriend and completely different than stroking it bare hands.

Each EGG in the box has a different texture and comes with a small bag of lubricant for one-time use.
If you need more lubricant, for silicone toys it is always best to use a water-based lubricant. Since this product is intended for single use, you can actually choose what suits you. We have some here for you.

Small in stature, but big in stimulation – these stretchy sex toys are suitable for lengths of up to 30 cm!

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Easy to clean
100% Waterproof