Position of the Week: Just Peachy

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Welcome dear myjoy readers.

We want to help make your fiery sex life even a little more exciting. You probably already guessed it. Our personal sex catalog can have so much more in its repertoire than just the fairly common and rather classic sex positions, like the missionary position.

Please understand, that doesn’t mean that we do want to diminish erotic classics like these in any way, but simply show you that the lustful sex garden and its pulsating horizon has so much more to offer and share with us.

There are so many more intimate experiences that can drive your partner into previously undreamed-of spheres of incredibly intense orgasm.

We simply love to bring you closer to the intoxicatingly diverse world of sex and the various exciting sex toys and make it easy to understand.

So, welcome to our new, already extremely popular, and enlightening Position of the Week article series.

We will start with a real treat for every gluttonous sweet tooth among us.

Position of the Week: Just Peachy

What is the most beautiful thing about oral sex positions?

Well, it probably depends on who exactly you are asking. But what would you say?

Is it the initial sensuality to the eventual unleashed licking, kissing, sucking or just uncontrolled intime feasting? Is it the mutually satisfying feeling of being able to satisfy your partner in a particularly devoted and stimulating way?

Is it the beautiful feeling of just letting go of everything when your loved one pleasures you to orgasm in a super sexy way, which can be a deeply bonding experience of lustful reward and satisfaction for both of you?

Whatever it may be for you and your playmate or lover. Oral sex positions can definitely reward you with so many greater erotic moments.

Our Position of this Week: Just Peachy or 'Delicious Peach' deserves its juicy refreshing and intimately playful title without any doubts.

Big promise! This is truly one of the most satisfying oral sex positions.

Without question, your aroused sex play partner and you will ascend to a whole new league of pleasure. In the truest sense of the word, this position allows you to really dig in at the erotic all-you-can-eat buffet.

Sensational oral delicacies are waiting for you to receive or give them with pleasure.

Why Peachy?

Why would we call it peach or peachy?

Good question. For many sex lovers among us, the peach is generally considered a seductive fruit. This is probably mostly the case because of its wonderful full curves, erotically soft skin, beguilingly arousing shade of color and the juicy squirting flesh inside.

Thereby this stimulating fruit reminds in many ways of the received buttocks of a woman or also of a man.

Wait a minute. Just by talking about and thinking about it. Why do I get the desire and hunger for devouring a delicious peach in various ways now?


Okay, now that we've cleared up the mysterious why. Let's take a closer look at the exciting how as our next point.

How exactly does this position work? How do I have to position myself and my partner as well?

Don’t worry. It's actually easier than it might sound at first.

One of you two lovebirds lies on the belly. In addition, one arm is bent at the elbow and rests just below the chest. The other arm is simultaneously extended and placed on the floor in front of her or him. This arm position is to help her or him support himself or herself comfortably.

And on it goes with the playing partner.

Meanwhile, the other person kneels between the partner's legs, spreads his or her hips as wide as possible and places his or her hands on top. Shortly after, the fiery oral play can begin.

Now you or your teammate can lick, suck, kiss and tease your partner's vagina or anus until you reach an all-consuming orgasm.


What makes this position so special?

You'll probably find out the satisfying answer for yourself once you've tried this position of the week.

Just as a little hint and sweetening foretaste. The special thing about this position is the elevated position of the receiving and most likely very eroticized partner.

Thereby, the elevated position of the lustful receiver with bent legs makes it incredibly easy for the kneeling partner behind or even underneath to stimulate her or him deeply and fully to the fullest.

Plus, the giving partner will have his or her hands free in this position as well.

Therefore, her or his finger movements can give extra stimulation for a really explosive cunnilingus or rimming session.

Extra Tip

But that's not all. The whole affair can even get a little more slippery, delicious, and wet.

Spark your curiosity and turn this truly yummy peach position into a real erotic feast.

Use some lube with her or him and preferably pick the favorite flavor. And even though the swirling tongue of your kneeling partner might get a little tired at some point.

No worries, have a suitable vibrator or even vibrating anal beads within reach. So, you can continue the euphoric partner's pleasure journey undisturbed until the all-redeeming final stop.

Make it Even Better

In case you didn't know, internal vibrations triggered by various exciting sex toys can create insanely intense and additional sensations - especially in combination with cunnilingus or rimming.

And it doesn't really matter whether the vibrations come in the form of a vibrating anal plug or a vibrating love stick. However, one thing is guaranteed in all of this. The receiving nerve endings of her or him will celebrate a hellish party of pure ecstasy.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get into position and let the tasty all-filling feast begin.

We would love to hear how your thoughts and experiences about it.

What did you particularly like? What tips, experiences or fiery secrets would you like to share with us?

Not the Right Position for You?

Which position elevates you or your partner into unleashed moaning, if this position is perhaps not quite the right one for you.

We'd love to hear from you about that, too, then.

Finally, and certainly last but not least, we would like to tell you and make sure that every visitor is represented equally and respectfully on our warmly welcoming website. Regardless of who you love or in what sensually erotic way you may find pleasure.

For this reason, we will be using a variety of gender representations in our Position of the Week posts. This will include straight, gay, lesbian, and gender-neutral couples, but all positions will be detailed in the description of how they can work for your own relationship dynamic.

For example, in this Position of the Week: Just Peachy it was primarily oral for the vagina and anal for him.

We wish you happy licking days.

Take good care and let yourselves be spoiled by your loved ones. 

Until then and see you for the next position of the week.

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