Position of the Week: Beyond the Rainbow

Illlustration by Artsy Pleasures.


Go deeper, further, always further, and then even Beyond the Rainbow.

Do you know the fairy tale or the mythical story that at the end of every rainbow you find a treasure?

So, the next time you catch sight of an illustrious, colorfully inspiring rainbow on the erotic horizon of sexual fantasy or in the presence of your sweetheart and loved one, don't be shy, venture a little deeper into its spheres, discover the treasure chest, gently open it, enter gently at first and then more penetratingly into true orgasmic bliss.

Our latest weekly guide, inspiration and Position of the Week: Beyond the Rainbow, will surely help you to make this erotic beautiful fairy tale a satisfying reality for you in a fulfilling wonderful way.

The especially exciting thing about this sex position today is the fact that this position gives us the lustful opportunity to penetrate even deeper into our partner unhindered, in order to stimulate their G-spot, A-spot, or P-spot directly in a beautiful way.

So, enter the lascivious fray and let's walk the tempting path together Beyond the Rainbow.


After all the anticipation and hopefully also after an eroticizing foreplay, you may then also try this sex position.

But how exactly does it work?

How do I have to position myself as a man and as a woman?

Don’t worry please, it is much easier than you might think at first. As a starter the receiving partner lies relaxed and well-bedded on his back. The knees are bent towards the pelvis and abdomen. Preferably, bent so far that your knees even press up all the way to your chest.

And what does the other playpartner do?

The giving partner lies over the receiving partner in a slightly more athletic push-up position. To remain stable, he supports himself with his arms and knees in order to control and intensify each push inside a little better.


Okay, I hope you understand everything so far.

So, what makes this position so special?

In a nutshell, the Beyond the Rainbow sex position maximizes the possibility of the deepest penetration thanks to the easier access (into the treasure chest) through the receiving partner's lifted legs and the full body weight behind each thrust of the giving partner.

It sounds really tempting, doesn't it?

Extra Tip

But before you grab your sweetheart or loved one right away to try it out for yourself, we'd like to give you a little more to take along on your journey of satisfying discovery.

Because, that's not all yet. And it can even become more pleasant and therefore go deeper.

To make it a little more comfortable for the giving partner and to sweeten up the wet togetherness even more. Please be so good and push her or him a few pillows or a similar position aid under the knees or elbows.

This will not only make it more comfortable, but also reveal a new angle, which will help you reach even further heights of stimulating penetration.

Plus, the beauty of this position is that you can adjust the depth and angle of penetration to your own preference on the fly. This will help you figure out what is a sensationally good angle for you in particular.

Last but not least, and to get a little more daring and experimental, the giving partner can rotate in a circle above the receiving partner, revealing even more deeply thrusting positional experiences to you.

Make it even Better

Here's a well-intentioned question for you?

Who would say no to enhancing the already exhilarating pleasure of deep penetration with some powerful vibrations in all the right places?

Well, I would say a resounding YES to that!

Whether in the form of a vibrating cock ring or a strap-on vibrator, give free rein to your erotic curiosity and include an even more intensifying sex toy in your sex love happiness.

Also various lubricants, anal plugs and intoxicating vibrators of all sizes or shapes can make the experience even more special, wetter and especially more splashy.

Just be prepared for one thing, afterwards, one or even a few sexy toys are guaranteed to land on your very own and private best list of fantastic orgasm.

Not the Right Position for You?

Which position will really get you or your partner moaning unleashed, when maybe this position isn't quite the right one for you.

We'd love to learn more about it and maybe even share it with the entire readership with an article of our own.

Here at MyJoy we are always curious and open to new things.

Every visitor is welcome to visit our website. Regardless of who you love or in what way is erotic to you.

For this reason, we will use a variety of gender representations in our posts for the Position of the Week. This includes straight, gay, lesbian, and gender-neutral couples, but all positions will be detailed in how they can work for your own relationship dynamic.

Have a great time and we'll see you Beyond the Rainbow then. ;-)

Until the next Position of the Week.

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