Position of the Week: On your Marks Set Go

Illlustration by Artsy Pleasures.


Are you a sprinter or an endurance runner?

When it comes to the starting blocks, the signal is given for the start and it's On your Marks Set Go. Do you like to speed to the splashy finish line quickly or would you rather enjoy the lustful journey before eventually getting there?

As in life in general and also in a normal race or during a pleasurable sex odyssey, each of us lustful people thinks or fantasizes differently about sex and has his own personal preferences.

And there is no right or wrong, as long as it is satisfying and fulfilling for you and your sex partner in crime.

Some approach the erotic race rather a little slower, more sensitive and leisurely. While others want to speed away hot-bloodedly and have only the orgasmic redeeming goal in eyes and mind.

Which type are you when the erotic starting signal is given?

Either way, our latest weekly guide, inspiration and Position of the Week: On your Marks Set Go can certainly help you make your erotically individual run of things a little more racy, stimulating and satisfying.

What's really exciting about our today's myjoy sex position is the fact that it shows us a new variation of the classic doggy style position we all know already. So, it will not just be a pleasant 'mmm' moan this time, but a downright unleashed 'wow, wow, whoa!' moment, which ends in an explosive orgasm.

So, get ready. On your Marks Set Go!


Now you're probably wondering how you too can adopt and master this intoxicating sex position with your partner.

Here's how it works.

First, the receiving partner squats down on tiptoe. It is helpful if the knees are slightly bent and the hand palms are on the floor. This helps support the body and maintain balance.

Simultaneously, the giving partner kneels behind him or her and straightens his or her body in an upright position. In doing so, the giving partner places his or her hands on the partner's buttocks.

Initially rather cautiously and then more and more energetically, the giving partner can now penetrate the receiving partner pleasurably from behind, who additionally bobs up and down with her or his thighs in the position.

During the act, the receiving partner can now playfully act as if she or him is about to run away and escape. Because the receiving partner is also already kneeling and seems ready to race off if let go.

Since the receiving partner tries to get away slightly playfully from the giving partner, the latter tries to hold her or him back while holding on to hips and buttocks.

Finally, the shot is fired, and the heated erotic race is beginning.


What is particularly exciting about this sex position?

More precisely, it is actually an exciting interplay of many things.

By actively involving the receiving partner, bouncing up and down, and making it a constant game of tag, all of this together creates an incredible movement and dynamic that can elevate both partners to breathtaking orgasms.

Plus, it especially feels even more intensifying and stimulating through the constant and truly wet depth of lustful penetration.

Last but not least, you can determine the pace of the sex race solely according to your own taste. The pace can be slow, fast, or gradually increase until the satisfying finish line comes into view for both of you.

Extra tip

Not all of us may be a well-trained, high-performance athlete and are constantly on the go or in the fast-paced sex fast lane at home.

Irony aside, here would be some well-intentioned advice to you then. (And to me, too, to be completely honest.)

If it's perhaps initially too athletic and becomes a bit too demanding for the receiving partner to consistently maintain the elevated squatting position of a starting runner, she or he can lean on a sofa. This gives relief and takes the strain off the upper body in a simple way.

Or, the receiving partner can use a swing love seat that is available for purchase

It provides additional support to better experiment with different heights and angles of the giving partner's sensitive penetration at first.

Make it even Better

Are you even in the mood for a little more ecstatic pleasure?

For an extra round of sexual euphoria and if the wet splashy goal is perhaps not quite in sight yet, then you can even go one more playful step further.

For example, while being in this position the free hands and fingers of the giving partner can also reach various sensitive body parts, such as the clitoris, the penis, the balls, the nipples, or other extremely hot body zones of the receiving partner with ease and fully caress them.

Also one or the other sex toy such as any exciting variants of vibrators, anal plugs, lubricants and much more can be included for an even more intense sensation, where you or your partner want it exactly to be and especially like it there.

Not the Right Position for You?

Which position really gets you or your partnermoaning unleashed, when maybe this position isn't quite right for you.

We'd love to hear more about it and maybe even share it with the whole readership with an own article then.

Here at myjoy we are always curious and open to new things.

Every visitor is welcome to our website. Regardless of who you love, in what way, or what is particularly erotic and stimulating to you.

For this reason, we will use a variety of gender representations in our posts for the Position of the Week. This will include straight, gay, lesbian, and gender-neutral couples, but all positions will be detailed in how they can work for your very own relationship dynamic.

See you for the next Position of the Week.

But, now off into the starting blocks with you and let the fun race begin.

And, On your Marks Set Go! ;-)

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