New Year Sex Resolutions 2022

For the New Year, some resolutions are planned again: Whether a gratitude diary, more exercise or a vegan January, most good resolutions have one thing in common: They are about improving your own health. But there is one topic that many forget: their sex life - even though it plays such an important role when it comes to their own wellbeing. That's why you will find the best sex resolutions for the new year here, with which you can make your love life even more sparkling!

More Self-Love & Self-Confidence

If you feel completely at ease in your skin, you can really let yourself go in bed. Therefore, the first erotic resolution for 2022 is: self-love and acceptance. Focus your attention on what you love about yourself and what you find beautiful. This realization will positively change your self-esteem.

Schedule Sex Dates

One way to have sex more often is to consciously allow yourself time for it. In other words: Treat sex like other important appointments and note it on your calendar. For example, if you have a partner and it sounds like a good idea to both of you, you can schedule an hour or two for sex every week. Or every two weeks. Or every month. As you wish. Sounds boring? But it is a surefire way that you keep the topic of sex in your head and in your life. There is also a reason why people say that anticipation is the greatest joy. You don't have a sexual partner? Allow time to masturbate. You can even make it part of your self-care routine.

Masturbate More

Masturbation is fun, guarantees orgasm for most women, is healthy and the most normal thing in the world. It also helps you fall asleep, is a good stress reliever and can even relieve cramps in your period pains.

Masturbation is also the best way to get to know yourself and your needs better. It may sound surprising, but in fact, many people don't really know what they are really into in bed. But before you can communicate to partners what you like, you have to first find out for yourself what really turns you on. So it is worth going on a journey of discovery with your own body and your lust this year.

Use Sextoys naturally

The truth about sextoys is that they are awesome! They’re great for individual enjoyment and can also enhance the couples experience together. Only a few women achieve orgasm through pure penetration - additional stimulation during the act of love is definitely welcome. For this reason and of course, because they simply bring more fun and variety to sex life and solo numbers, sextoys should be a matter of course in 2022.


You will probably hear this point more often. Talk more about sex! About what you like and about what bothers you. Discuss what inspired you, what you discovered exciting and what you would like to do.

And also communicate during sex. The breathy dirty compliment in the right situation can be insanely exciting.

Anyone who hides secret wishes will not get them fulfilled and should not be surprised. Therefore: talk! About positions, bondage, sex toys, massage oil and much, much more.

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