10 Tips for Oral Sex

Ecstatic Oral Sex for Him or Her to the Next Level

Without question. Oral sex is one of the most beautiful and devotional ways to pleasure your loved one.

Whether you get down on your knees, sit back and relax, lick unleashed, nibble pleasurably, or feast rhythmically, oral sex can be an incredibly erotically pulsating experience that you can perform on your partner yourself, or be rewarded with.

Nonetheless, some lechers among us want to really get going on the oral sex front and literally go on the attack, but are sometimes rather stressed out whether they're self-satisfied or pleasuring.

With pleasure we help to wake up the slumbering volcano in you and to drive to the ecstatic eruption on the maximum level. In the process, give and take is equally beautiful.

Here are 10 tips for guaranteed unforgettable and fiery oral sex.

1. Let Go and Relax

It sounds so simple and trivial, but many an oral voluptuary may have their difficulties with relaxing properly during the act.

Do you feel guilty when you're being pleasured? If you react embarrassed, nervous and insecure and therefore close yourself off before the whole fun has actually really started, you are depriving yourself of an incredible experience.

Some may have concerns about their general sexual attractiveness, cleanliness, or even think that she or he may be taking too much advantage of their partner in a dominant way.

Don't worry, there are solutions to all of these things. Quite simply, if you want to give satisfaction, you can take it. And, as long as you keep yourself neatly clean and well sanitized down there or clean up, you don't need to be embarrassed, but can detach yourself from such compulsions or irritations.

Being intimate and expressing your pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of. And, oral sex is actually a normal act of lovemaking.

But, if you're having a hard time finding the mental off switch in your head, close your eyes and try just letting yourself be gently restrained. Things like handcuffs, straps, blindfolds can help you shed responsibility and control more easily so that any shame just melts away and you can fully enjoy your partner's oral sex arts uninhibited.

2. Clean is More Beautiful

As already briefly mentioned, personal body odor and also taste can sometimes be inhibiting during oral sex.

Here is a good and fun idea. Maybe you have a bath together beforehand or take a shower together, so that your partner also feels more relaxed when it gets right down to business. Who knows, maybe your erotic level reaches a higher level in the shower, so that the first sensual oral sex takes place right there.

In general, and if a certain hygiene is maintained, the partner is also usually more self-confident, will enjoy it more and be motivated to the best possible performance.

3. You are What you Eat

Nowadays, even science is hotly debating whether our individual diet has direct taste effects on our genital fluids.

Various studies often show that environment can also be a factor, yet not every scientist is sure if we can really influence taste.

Nonetheless, concordantly there are already some consumption - or eating items that can generally cause good or even bad taste influences. But as with anything in life and especially oral sex, open communication between all parties and a little experimentation is always helpful.

Things That Make It Yummy

Water, water, water! Best and at least 2 liters a day; pineapple; cranberries; any sweet fruits actually; parsley; celery; cinnamon; cardamom and peppermint.

Things that make it un-Yummy

Smoking; caffeine; alcohol; cauliflower; broccoli and asparagus; chemically processed foods and convenience foods in general; very spicy foods; too much dairy, meat and fish.

For those of us who have a penis, it may also be good to consider that regular ejaculation helps your semen taste better. Since both the testicles and the prostate produce fluids naturally on a regular basis, it's better to empty the tank from time to time as a precaution, otherwise it can get bitter.

So, in the spirit of the entire oral sex community, please satisfy your bestie on occasion. ;-)

Lastly, and as long as your or your partner doesn't really gripe about an unpleasant taste during oral sex, you probably have nothing to worry about. And even if you are, flavored lube can help quickly.

4. Wet Sex is Good Sex

While we're on the topic of lube or even condoms, proverbial wet sex, that is stimulating and erotically flaring oral sex is better. Wouldn't you agree?

Therefore, it certainly never hurts to have an exciting selection of lubes, other toys, with perhaps various flavors, handy by the bed.

But, please don't be too boisterous and wasteful with all that lube!

Otherwise, the whole affair might get a little too slippery, tasteless or even indelicate. A few small droplets or squirts for much bigger splashes later is usually all that's needed.

Strawberry flavor, for example, is popular with many. Just put a few drops on your fingers, drip it along your partner's body and then lick yourself into a lustful frenzy. Or, even use your tongue instead of your fingers to apply it.

Just make sure it's non-toxic and easy to digest for both parties. And, then? Let the games begin!

5. Set the Tone

Let's go back to the topic of communication.

Without question, the best way to find out what your partner likes or dislikes is to ask her or him openly. Feedback is always good, especially if you want to give or receive pulsating oral sex.

So, don't be shy, open up and even direct your partner during oral sex. Comment on what feels good, or not.

If you fake it for yourself and your partner, no one will really feel fun. Set the tone, your playmate wants to know the best way to satisfy you as it is also a kind of satisfying reward for him or her then.

6. More than just Penis and Vagina

It may come as a surprise to some, but our lustful temple of a body has more to offer than just a vagina or penis.

Go exploring, let loose on various other parts of the body, and you'll see that the female and male body and its genitals have so much more to explore.

Oral Sex for Him with Penis

Short and crisp to the point. Don't just nibble on the bud. Try to include the entire length of the shaft. And, even include the sensitive testicles and what is called the perineum, or simply perineum, which refers to a highly sensitive area of the body located between the anus and the external genitalia. It consists mainly of skin and muscle and is extremely erotic for men.

Lick along the frenulum or ligament, located between the glans and the foreskin, to the maetus and head of the penis. Circle the head rhythmically with your tongue and go up and down the shaft, as these regions are especially pleasurable for any man.

Also feel free to use your hands or fingers, caress the testicles, gently massage the perineum or the lower end of the shaft, or playfully circle the anus while pleasurably licking and sucking the penis.

Oral sex for her with Vagina

A woman's womb can be like a treasure chest that opens up to you more and more as you uncover all her little secrets.

When you're pleasurably feasting on the vagina, consider not only the outer labia, but the inner ones as well. And, pay lustful attention to the entire length of the clitoris, including the clitoral hood.

What many may not know, only a small portion of the female clitoris is located in the open. It's similar to the head of a man's penis, except here the clitoral hood serves as a protective foreskin.

However, the highly erotic clitoral nerve cords lead far deeper inside the vagina. And when a woman is truly erotically aroused, you will find that the clitoris reaches back much further as the whole female paradise now opens up to you and its delicious treasures are now revealed to you far more.

Gently place your fingers on the clitoris and gently guide them under the hood. Lick the entire length of the clitoris and labia, as this is usually more erotic than just kissing the tips. And, since the clitoral nerves also reach inside the vagina, feel free to take the time to lick and satisfy the highly sensitive inner labia as well.

Rhythmic penetration of the vagina with your tongue or fingers can create a super intense, sexual experience for any woman. You can also gently slide one or two fingers in and out of the vagina while licking, kissing or even breathing warmly on the lips.

Last but not least, various sex toys like dildos, vibrators or creams can make the pleasure even greater.

7. Be no Vacuum Cleaner

No, we don't want to play helicopter or vacuum cleaner! If you know what's behind these terms.

During oral sex, it's obviously good to be active and skillfully push your climax to the ultimate ecstasy. That's why many guides talk about the importance and benefits of vigorous licking, lapping, and especially sucking of the penis or clitoris.

But, there's a small but subtle difference between real, ecstatic pleasure and overdriven discomfort.

While many men find extensive sucking and licking mostly very turn-on, some women tend not to like it with their clitoris. As the reactions may be a little too sensitive.

But, for some involved, it can also be the other way around. Namely, men find sucking on the head of the penis a little too ticklish, while some women are totally into being completely licked or sucked.

Well, tastes differ.

If you experiment a bit bravely during oral sex, perhaps slowly feel your way forward before the whole tongue propeller is fired up and pay attention to the reactions of your partner, you can actually only learn more than really ruining it.

8. Technique above All

In principle, it's good to have more than one oral technique in your sex repertoire, but don't overdo it!

Generally, a little variety between different techniques is always good, commendable, heartily appreciated, and makes everything a little more interesting and unpredictable, which can drive the pleasure even higher.

BUT, sometimes it can be too much of a good thing. You may only mean well, however too many variations can sometimes rather complicate the lustful path to orgasm, bypass it or even extinguish the kindled fire altogether again.

Be a clever tactician and vary calmly. However, start slow, kiss and maybe massage a little longer with your tongue and lips. Try to think of oral sex like a long, intense, passionate kiss. This will take the pleasure and sensitivity up in a controlled way, ending in a guaranteed divine outpouring of pleasure and orgasm. Promise!

And, when it comes to the absolute climax, listen to your lover or loved one and "Don't stop, keep going, keep going, keep going, yes, yes, yesaaah!"

9. Perfection of Position

When most of us are feasting at the genital counter and indulging our partner in the true art of ecstatic oral sex, our partner is often lying relaxed on his or her back, while we've made ourselves comfortable lying between our legs in front of it and plunging into pleasure.

Be creative and try out different positions and scenarios.

Have your partner stand in front of you while you get down on your knees in devotion. This may be especially stimulating for couples who find a little more power play sexy. Also, this position offers fascinating angles to better involve testicles, anus, buttocks, or labia in the sex adventure.

A little extra tip: It's best to find a wall to lean against so no one tips over in ecstasy when things get really hot.

Or sit on a table, chair, lie fused side by side, and of course try the time-honored 69 position for perfect harmonization.

Even more sporty it becomes, one it to the wall or bed edge kneels, the Schleckermäulchen immediately there under it lies and a true firework ignites. More simply put, especially some women love to sit on the face and be licked deep and satisfied.

There are so many more exciting positions. Just don't hurt yourselves.

10. Play with

Mentioned briefly before and certainly a highlight of any oral sex experience, sex toys can enhance the whole experience even further while kissing, licking or sucking.

For example, both partners can have an eroticizing anal plug inside them, or even a vibrating anal plug, which sweetens the intensity of the orgasm even more. Men can try the prostate massager to bring the male G-spot into ecstasy.

The vibrating cock ring is also especially nice during oral sex, as this intensifies the arousing sensations and pleasure stimuli along the entire length of the penis even more. Some cock rings also have a tantalizing vibrator attached just for the testicles, which means that the penis shaft and testicles get exciting attention at the same time, while the partner can fully concentrate on pampering the head of the penis.

The right counterpart for her would be, for example, the seductive bullet vibrator. With it, you can playfully tease her while your tongue slides in and out again. Alternatively, you can also use the matching dildo or vibrator for voluptuous penetration, while the partner can then only worry about the sensitive oral sex around the clitoris lips.

Have fun trying it out and let us know which lusts, passions and love games really get your erotic flushes going.

- by myjoy author Robert Meissner

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